Brand research – Visual identity – Website & Print

Fully customized brand exercise

The young marketing startup with colors and logo already designed
we needed to adapt towards a compelling and sophisticated direction.

Official logo
and stationery


ElectroMedic TENS are modern devices that relieve pain. It provides a discrete
and an alternative solution to conventional medecine that allows you to function with ease in your day to day life.


Always keeping in mind a – discrete solution – we chose a soft light as a reminder for individual intimacy and home comfort. Not everybody need to show pain. The small device is easy to hide and keeps you going without your entourage’s constant concern.


Against the entire brand colour palette we’ve contrasted and inverted the tones of the product line. It would now match the device and be a better fit into a common environment.

EM Sleeve Packaging Design
EM Sleeve Packaging Design

User Manual

Check out the entire booklet

User manuals are always a great design exercise.
Very technical indeed, yet fun to illustrate.


The Website - Challenges, Vision and Conclusion

Planned and Designed from scratch this platform needed to primarily respond to the distributors needs. Electro-Medic Online’s persona is to be professional, well branded and as it understands the distributor’s needs, it offers the capabilities to educate their direct clients when needed… http://electromedic.ca/

Functionalities and Reach

Offering a comprehensive showcase of their products, although Electro-Medic is not settled with a personal online boutique, its product is well redirected, towards a Quebec wide network of distributors. Patients can be taken over by the site with educative tools which leaves no one in the dark. Device specs, electrodes positioning, Instruction manual, distributors locations are all in place for the best of new and current clients direction.



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