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Being proper
Isn’t necessarily
respecting yourself

The real branding exercises are:



More commonly… BRAIN PICKING

Defining needs, why, who and where this should go
Building Mood-boards
Identifying your visual direction
Developing a tone of voice and vocabulary
Feeling the touch, builting and growing your reach


This is about fulfilling your day to day actions creatively as a responsible, reliable, and tangible brand. It will show your  potential to demonstrates how serious and ready you will be serving clients and delivering products. It will translate your integrity and will. It will be about momentum, flexibility and finesse into answering specific needs. It will be tones, shades, and color palettes, it will be an image that took place because we knew why and we also knew to whom it was speaking to…

You will be working with a visual identity which will be designed to support a brand with a stronger voice that will gain maturity and definitely reach out.


This is where we’ll identify your colors. The Tones. The nuances.
This is where your name, will soon begin to be identified and understood.

This is where an established discourse, your brand, your story will be reinforced,
supported by a compelling, pleasing or even provocative and strong visual association.

It will begin to shape into a definite visual recognition,
resonate into a familiar tone of voice until it feels right
and clearly integrates the brand you’ve created or will be creating.

Visit our ID projects exercises and logo design


We are specialize in mini documentary style video. Ultimately grasping the soul and the essence of your mission.

If one image worth a 1ooo words, it is without saying what does 24 images per seconds…

Where did this idea came from? Who is the visionary behind the initiative, the need that created the service? What were the challenges, the anecdotes, and the process that got us to the product? Those are the questions we will be answering on your Video channel.


Honouring the vision, glorifying the passion

with a very perceptive understanding of the character and his environment


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